Designer House Reveal: The Before

Today I wanted to share more “before” photos of the Patio Bath along with the initial observations I noted upon first seeing the space that helped shape the outline and “punch list” of my design. Please enjoy this room tour from my perspective!

In my previous post introducing the reveal, we left off here: *enter room* It’s very… coral? I love coral! Why don’t I love it in here? Ah – it’s a tall skinny room with inadequate lighting. The coral is closing in around me and I don’t like it in this application. Glass shower… that’s nice. I wish it were frameless. The frame lines make for so many right angles. I think I want to hide it. Something soft. Note: I feel uneasy. Change wall color. Something calm. Add soft billowing curtain to cover shower.

Speaking of inadequate lighting, what kind of lights are even in here? *look up* 1…2…3 can lights. One over shower, two off centered over vanity. Two windows is good natural light. But I want more overhead light. I love light. It helps the space feel bigger. It helps you see. And the right light fixture makes such an artistic statement. Note: Add fun lighting. Something on wall over vanity, something in the center of the ceiling.

*look down* Hm, nice travertine floor. It looks cold though. Maybe it is cold, from the air vent. Don’t love air vent placement. Don’t love tiny fluffy crooked rug. But I want something soft. How would two bath mats work in here? They’d fit, but I don’t love where how they would fit. I want to unify the space. I want one rug. I want a runner! Note: Look for skinny runners (not the marathon type, the decorative type.) Ask if it’s a problem to cover air vent temporarily for “show.” If that’s a no-go, can I cut out a hole in the rug for the vent? Hmmm…

*look back* More coral. Yep, definitely need a new color. Hey, those electrical outlets and switches stick out like a sore thumb. I want to hide them. And hey, are there no towel bars in here? How will I dry my hands? Note: tall floral arrangement in corner to distract from switching/outlets and towel ring next to them to dry hands on way out the door.

*look to right* I like the vanity color, and the cute little feet. What’s bothering me? Ah – the countertop. It’s cultured marble with a poured  sink and back-splash. Why does it look like plastic to me? I would love to upgrade that. That would be expensive. Hey, there’s satin nickel hardware everywhere. Shinier would look nicer here. Note: Go over budget and look at upgrading counter-top. Something white. Marble? Quartz? Change out all satin nickel hardware for chrome.

*look closer at vanity* While I’m thinking of upgrades… how COOL would a glass vessel sink with a waterfall faucet look in here?! I mean this is alright… it works. But something sleek and spa-esque would really help accomplish the feel I’m going for. Note: Pinch pennies to get new countertop… so that I can get a  glass sink and faucet. Yep, definitely want to do that.

*look to left* It already has wooden blinds… those can stay, you need privacy in a bath. One again, so many right angles. The window needs to be softened. Drapery? Floor panels are sort of impractical for a bath, but especially one with a shower. Cornice? Valance? Yes. Nothing overwhelming. Just a simple “hat” for the window to soften the corners and bring in pattern/color. Note: Pull images of outside-mount window treatment style options. Think about fabric. Call seamstress for quote.

*walk back to entrace and turn around for another look* Yep. The shower is fine but nothing special. Drapery in front of it would be prettier. The countertop will do, but if I can swing it, and new one and new sink/faucet would be fabulous! The mirror is too square for all of the right angles already happening in here. Maybe round? Definitely want to add a wall sconce over the mirror, or maybe one on either side of it. Hey, a giant piece of art or a grid of several pieces would look swell between the mirror and shower! Okay, yes, good talk with myself. I have something here. This could be great.

Stay tuned to read about the design process next!!


  1. Hi, just came by from Centsational Girl. This post is great- I love this “inside” look at the design process. The finished room is a stunner- well done!

    • Kathryn LeMaster says:

      Hi Bettsi! Thanks so much for coming on over from Centsational girl, I surely appreciate you reading! So glad you enjoyed the inside look, and hope you come back and visit again soon! 😉

  2. I was in complete awe to see the finished result. Amazing job. Truly inspiring!

    • Kathryn LeMaster says:

      I’m so glad you found this project inspiring Jackie, and thanks so much for the comments! I sincerely appreciate you reading and hope to see you around the blog again soon!


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