Clear Choices

Let’s talk clear today. Whether acrylic, lucite or polycarbonate, clear “plastic” furniture and accessories can be just what the designer ordered.

The benefit of being colorless is that it goes with everything. It also opens up a space since it’s transparent so light moves right on through. Something about it just adds that touch of glamour and sophistication and most pieces tend to adapt to their surroundings much like a chameleon, which helps it fit into a wide range of styles from traditional to contemporary.


While glass is also clear, it’s not always ideal for every application due to it’s weight and breakable factor. Plastic materials like the ones listed above are not only visually weightless, but are actually light weight and surprisingly durable too.

(Made By Girl)

There’s lots of reasons to use this material, but sometimes the only reason you need is that it’s ridiculously FUN!

Here’s my line-up of “clearly” fabulous pieces:

(Small Lucite Tray by Dabney Lee At Home – You can customize the bottoms of these trays from a bazillion different pattern/font/color options!)

(Vapor Counterstool by CB2)

(Tea Table by Plexi-Craft)

(Tobias Chair by Ikea)

(Peekaboo Nesting Tables by CB2)

(Umbria Bench by Plexi-Craft)

(Canali Crystal Clear Chairs by Overstock – I actually have a couple of these babies in my dining room, and absolutely adore them!)

(Lencon Lucite Desk by The Paris Apartment)

(Adair Acrylic Coffee Table by Overstock)

(King George Bench by Plexi-Craft)

(Baroque Clear Acrylic Table Lamp by Euro Style Lighting)

The price point for pieces made of these materials can range from the hundreds to the thousands. The good news is if you’re looking for an inexpensive pop of clear you can usually find it at places like CB2. If you’re looking to shell out a couple grand for a custom statement piece, there are places like Plexi-Craft who can create pretty much anything under the sun!

Keep it real. Happy Wednesday!



  1. I love lucite, it looks so chic in any room. I do want the Louis style chair for my office now!

    • Kathryn LeMaster says:

      Hey Marcela! I know right? Me too! 🙂
      Thanks for reading. I checked out your blog/website… love it!! 😉

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