Painting Party

Congrats to my brother and sister-in-law who closed on their first house this past weekend! Welcome to the wonderful (and sometimes overwhelming) world of home ownership! 🙂
We spent this weekend giving their new house a face-lift with fresh coats of paint throughout the interior. And I must say, after alot of prep work and elbow grease… it  looks mighty spiffy!

What perfect timing that Sherwin Williams was running a 40% off sale over the weekend?! We stocked up on everything needed for a successful painting weekend, including the complimentary coffee from their Keurig station. Thanks, Sherwin!

Not sure about everywhere else, but in the Little Rock area at least the sale runs through the 22nd. So if you need a new splash of color or some “purdy” great supplies, run on by today and save a buck or fifty!

To cover over existing wall colors quickly, we went with the “Super Paint” 2 in 1 coverage recommended by the SW specialists. This was my first time working with this particular SW product, and I must say I was impressed with how it covered. We were able to cover over the existing gold, blue, and pink walls with one coat in every room!

Here was the final line up of paints that completed our neutral interior color palette. Taking the 8′ ceilings and amount of natural light available into account, I made sure to stay on the lighter end of the fan deck to allow margin for the colors to appear slightly darker once applied. The main goal was to make the space feel more open throughout. Mission accomplished! I was quite happy with the results and I think our new homeowners wholeheartedly agree. 😉

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Here’s to a happy Monday and fresh starts all around!

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