Ikea Love

Can we just talk about how much I love Ikea for a moment? I love the product variety and reasonable prices. I love the innovative thinking of the product designers. I love the crazy Swedish product names. I love their cinnamon rolls (and free coffee if you’re an Ikea Family Member, which you should be). Where else can you go for a combined dining and designing + showroom and shopping experience? Nowhere I tell you. Nowhere.

I returned home from Dallas via Frisco yesterday in order to stop by Ikea on the way out of town. I needed to pick up something for a client as well as pay a visit to my Swedish “family” and pick up a few treats for myself. It’s always a sweet, sweet reunion (partially because of my traditional cinnamon roll snack).

During this visit, I met this chair named Strandmon and I really wanted to take him home! He’s very handsome, super comfy, and comes in gray or orange linen or dark blue velvet… and is only $279!

Allow me to introduce you to my new crush, Mr. Strandmon Wing Chair.

Here’s a pic from Ikea’s inspiration gallery of Strandmon and a few of his buddies chillin with Isala (the cute little coffee table.)

Yep. I’m bumping two orange Strandmons to the top of my wishlist. I’ll come back for you someday, my dears!

If you live far away from an Ikea store as I do, you may find it helpful to know that Ikea’s website has great inspiration galleries for various room types. It’s the next best thing to visiting the showroom in person, as it helps to see how items can look within a certain context and a great way to get ideas on how to incorporate their products! Here are a few of my favorite Ikea inspiration pics:

How about those yellow Stockholm swivel chairs?! Super fun and funky and a great pop in this living space! View more products from this space here.

Who knew you could create a complete kitchen design including cabinets and countertops all at Ikea? It’s a one stop shop I tell you! View this image and find out item details here.

From the dining room gallery, I’m loving this rustic/industrial look! For more item details, click here.

Last but not least, how about this cozy living room? What a great way to create a Pottery Barn type feel, but for a fraction of the cost! More details on this space, here.

I hope you enjoyed this little Ikeaspiration sampling. If you get a chance to go by a store soon, please give Strandmon my love. Thanks!



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