Guest Post on House of Turquoise!

Good morning and happy September to you all!

Today, I am so incredibly thrilled to be guest posting on one of my all-time favorite blogs, (drum roll, please) House of Turquoise! What a privilege.

The lovely lady behind HOT, miss Erin Olson Moser, is a happy new mama to sweet baby Wesley as of a couple weeks ago. Congrats again, Erin!

Needing to take a little time off with husband and baby, Erin set into place a great line-up of guest posters to fill so she can spend this precious time with her new little family.

Though I was just flabbergasted that she asked me to be among the guest posters, I was truly honored, and had so much fun putting together a special post for HOT.

So without further adieu, please check out my guest post by tuning in to the one and only House of Turquoise today (and every day really! Seriously, if your not already, you should follow HOT. That’s my bit of advice for the day.)

87186942756239048_8uIdJuHv_c_peppermentbliss_crop_sm (via peppermint bliss)

If you’re stopping by my blog via HOT today, well then welcome! I’m so glad you decided to click on over for a visit. Please, make yourself at home, check out my blog and site, and feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message here if I can answer any questions for you! So glad you dropped in, and hope to see you back soon. 🙂

If you’re hankering for more turquoise inspiration after browsing House of Turquoise – which I consider to be the mecca of this superior hue – you can always follow my Totally Turquoise board on Pintrest here, or check out my previous post on Turquoise, here!

Thanks again for being here today. I really and truly appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to slow down for a moment soak up some inspiration with me!



  1. Nancy LeMaster says:

    so proud of you ! Love the pics (especially your entry way). Now more people will know how talented you are!

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