Furniture Design Progress Report

In my previous post introducing Trevor Thurow Custom Furniture & Design, I shared with you how I would be working on a furniture design for Trevor to create something one-of-a-kind out of these spectacular barn wood beams:

We decided the best way to preserve the integrity of the authentic scraped texture of the beams would be to create something that incorporated as much length and as little cutting as possible. Thus we decided a dining table would be the way to go.

After sketching, researching, brainstorming and more sketching, the concept drawings were ready:

The concept was based on 45 degree or similar angles to create variations of diamonds or herringbone patterns. I wanted to try and create a “twist” like appearance to give the table visual movement – adding a fresh spin, creating a not-so typical farm table. These beams deserved a unique design!

These were the final concepts we decided to begin with:

As you can see from the below action shot of Trevor, construction is currently underway at his shop in Austin, TX. I’m so excited!!

You can follow Trevor’s updates on the project through his Facebook album, Barn Beam Dining Table. Here’s the most recent update from the album, the first table leg!

Way to go, Trevor! I just can’t get over the wood. The weather gray hand-scraped side or the fresh cut oak center. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

Now remember ladies and gents, this special piece will be looking for a good home once completed. If you think it might be the missing piece to your interior bliss… contact Trevor for more info. 🙂

Happy Monday!


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