Kitchen Remodel Before & After Reveal – Part 3: After

Welcome! If you’re just joining us for the reveal, you can catch up on Part 1 and Part 2 to see the before photos and design process to understand the details of how far this kitchen has come to what you’re about to see today.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am so excited to share with you for the first time ever the entire collection of “after” photos from the Barber’s kitchen remodel!

You may recognize some of the after photos of the kitchen if you saw the project in At Home in Arkansas’ April issue, which showcased beautiful photography captured by the talented Nancy Nolan exclusively for the magazine feature. The collection I get to unveil today are the original portfolio images taken shortly after the projected was completed last year, shot by the amazing Karen E. Segrave KES Photo and fantastically lit by Mike McCall of Backfocus Productions.

Brace yourselves for the dramatic change you are about to behold…

I bring you, the Barber’s new and improved kitchen!

Thank you for following the story of the Barber’s kitchen makeover! I hope you’ve enjoyed watching the process unfold. If you’ve been inspired by this project or can think of someone else who enjoy a good before and after project, I invite you to please share, pin, tweet, or spread the word in whatever fashion you like!

Happy Sunday – stay inspired. 🙂




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