Interview with Travel + Safety Podcast

“The podcast for those who want to play it safe while living dangerously” – if that doesn’t sound interesting I don’t know what does! Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed over coffee and Skype by podcast personality Michael Beattie for his fun and informative show, Travel + Safety! Michael is an Italian and English native who ended up in California and now resides in the Florida Keys. Coffee Kat In this episode, we talk a bit about my upbringing, living in the “Natural State”, some design philosophy Q&A, traveling for work, and more! Michael was a true delight to visit with and I found myself wanting to ask him more questions than he asked me during our chat. While I can’t say much for my southern accent (which I didn’t realize was evident until I heard myself talk…) you are certainly in for a treat when it comes to Mr. Beattie’s British accent. 😉 Click the link below to listen to our show!

“TAS033: Experiencing the Incredible Lightness of Being with Kathryn LeMaster

  I hope you enjoy the show and learn a little something new, too! 🙂

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